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Welcome to Wolman

We are one of the world’s leading companies in the wood preservation industry and offer a highly competitive product range for a wide variety of applications.

Our products offer protection against wood-destroying fungi and insects, extend the life of the wood and thus increase its sustainable use. Founded in 1911, we can look back on over a century of experience in the preservation of timber.

Our products

Wolman develops, produces and distributes wood preservatives of the highest quality.

A product range which is future-orientated and highly competitive puts us among the world’s leading companies in the wood preservation industry. We offer a wide variety of products for timber and pressure impregnation. We also have solutions to protect against blue stain.

Vacuum pressure treatment

Modern wood preservation places high demands on research and technology. Today, preservatives must be effective and at the same time comply with the legal requirements for environmental, health and occupational safety. Wolman products offer you this security in all applications, whether with decking or structures that are subject to heavy loads such as wooden roller coasters. 

Wolmanit® CX or Wolsit® KD products. The right solution for every application.


Sinesto® and Wolsin® products provide wood with reliable protection against sapstain and other wood-staining fungi, such as mould. 

Treatment of constructional timber

Wolsit® EC products – the extensive Wolman product range meets all requirements for modern wood protection in building construction.

Protection of wood-based materials

Whether Wolsit® or Xyligen® - Wolman can provide optimum protection, whatever the demands on your wood-based materials.


Sika successfully closes MBCC acquisition.

After having received all necessary regulatory approvals, Sika has completed the acquisition of MBCC Group, which includes Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH with the Wolman and Fire Protectors brands.


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Did you know that using vacuum pressure treated timber saves the wood in the forests by increasing the lifetime of local softwood?

The WEI Spring Conference, currently taking place in Brussels, is a good opportunity to exchange views on the sustainability of treated wood - and how the use of preserved, home grown wood supports the EU Green Deal targets.


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Safety on Site - How to deal with an IBC-leakage?!

Safety first! – at our Wolman site and at your production site!

Being prepared for possible emergencies is crucial! In the event of an accident, those involved must act quickly.

Our latest video explains how to deal with a product leakage from an IBC.


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Wolman wishes all of you a happy Valentine’s Day

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Mold spores are almost universally present in the environment. They are released from the fruiting bodies of the parent fungi. In case of molds these fruiting bodies are often visible as colored felts, which are present on the surface of the materials they have infected.

If mold is evident on timber, it is a sure sign of excessive moisture content.

To avoid mold growth on freshly impregnated timber follow these rules:


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