Materials based on fibreboard

Wood fibreboards have a completely different density and consequently a different range of application possibilities.

The best known of this type are the MDF boards (Medium Density Fibreboard), as their medium density and fine surface structure makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including the direct application of paint and lacquer coatings in the furniture industry.

Another fibre-based product, hardboard, is also widely known and used as a rear-wall material in furniture, while wood-fibre insulating boards, as well as mineral and other insulation materials, are used to insulate buildings. Relative newcomers are MDF panels open to vapour diffusion which are used as under panels in roofing. They now replace the more time-consuming board shuttering, on to which it was also necessary to lay a plastic or bituminous film that was open to diffusion in order to guarantee no rain would leak through.