Wolman: Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Products

Wolmanit® CX

Wolmanit® CX safe for (outdoor) furniture and play structures.

Timber play structures and outdoor furniture protected with Wolmanit® CX can be considered safe for children and the environment. Wolmanit® CX is carefully and extensively tested with regard to its effect on human and animal health as well as the environment and is evaluated by European Authorities as part of the strict European Regulation on Biocidal Products (EU) No. 528/2012 (BPR) authorization process.

Wolmanit® CX is a product range consisting of liquid preservatives based on inorganic and organic compounds, which are used preventively to combat wood-destroying fungi, including those causing soft rot, and insects, including termites. Extensive international testing has confirmed the effectiveness of Wolmanit CX.

Extensive international testing has confirmed the effectiveness of Wolmanit® CX. Wolmanit® CX is based on Copper HDO, a fungicide that has been successfully used in wood preservation for many years and has undergone some of the most intensive toxicological testing of any wood preserving fungicide in the world.

After their rapid fixation in the wood, the aqueous Wolmanit® CX products are resistant to leaching and the elements. The Wolmanit® CX products are ideal for protecting all kinds of construction timbers, especially wood used in gardens and landscaping, playing apparatus, posts, palisades, fences, decking and many other applications.

Wolmanit® CX is approved by leading quality schemes across Europe

Wolmanit® CX products are ideal for the impregnation of wood in industrial processes, such as the vacuum pressure and oscillating pressure processes. It gives the wood a greenish color. Other color tones are also available in the Wolmanit® ProColor range.

With quality impregnation with Wolmanit® CX, the protective agent penetrates evenly and deeply into the wood. This not only achieves long-term protection, but also an efficient and sustainable solution, especially for domestic wood species – and that with safe and easy handling at the same time.

Advantages of Wolmanit® CX

  • Unique, highly efficient combination of active ingredients
  • Long-term protection against wood-destroying fungi and insects
  • Uniform, deep penetration of the protective agent
  • Extensively toxicologically tested
  • Safe and easy processing
  • Fixes quickly and is weather-resistant

Areas of application for Wolmanit® CX

  • Wood applications above- or in-ground, especially in areas with increased requirements in terms of safety, resilience and durability
    • Terraces, fences, car ports, palisades, facades, wood in gardening and landscaping
    • Roller coaster
    • Masts and posts
    • Playground equipment

Properties of Wolmanit® CX

  • Liquid wood protection concentrate
  • Preventive effects against fungi and insects, including termites
  • Weather-resistant
  • Suitable for wood in gardening and landscaping, for playground equipment, posts, palisades, fences, deckings