Wolman Anti-sapstain


Protect your freshly cut wood from irreversible damage

Discoloration of fresh wood directly after it is cut in the sawmill is a constantly recurring problem.

Wood-staining fungi, in particular blue stain, attack the wood very soon after cutting and leads to an irreversible reduction in the wood’s value. Fungal spores spread the infestation and can be a health risk. Treating the wood with Wolman Anti-sapstain preservative directly after it has been cut reliably prevents discoloration and fungal spores.

Dr. Ralf Möller

Productmanager Anti-Sapstain and Dipping

„We work with passion for wood (protection) – in partnership, committed, honest.”


What are Sinesto® und Wolsin®?

Sinesto® and Wolsin® have proven themselves worldwide for decades.

For decades, Sinesto® and Wolsin® have proved their value in protecting wood from sapstain under very different climatic conditions all over the world. Our products combine efficacy and application benefits with an excellent toxicological and eco-toxicological profile.

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Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Diana Schleif

Assistant to Head of Wood Protection

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