Wolman: Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Products

Wolsit® KD

Wolsit® KD products are water-borne concentrates based on organic preserving agents to be used preventively against wood-destroying fungi and insects.

Wolsit® KD is used to protect wood with no ground contact. Typical applications are log sidings, balcony cladding, pergolas or construction timber, but Wolsit® KD also offers optimal protection for external doors and windows.

Wolsit® KD is used in the vacuum pressure and double vacuum treatment processes. It does not color the wood. Coloring in various tones is possible using the Wolmanit® ProColor range.

Advantages of Wolsit® KD

  • Metal-free wood preservative
  • Easily soluble and very easily miscible with water
  • The colorless product does not stain the wood
  • The solution can be colored in different shades
  • Extensively toxicologically tested
  • Safe for users, processors and consumers

Areas of applications for Wolsit® KD

  • Facades and balcony cladding
  • Pergolas and constructional timber
  • External doors and windows 

Properties of Wolsit® KD

  • Water-soluble concentrates for protection against fungi and insects
  • Protects wood without contact with the ground