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Wolsit® T

Wolsit® T protects wood-based materials from infestation by termites and insects.

In many countries, special protection against termites is required for all wood-based materials. Wolsit® T provides this protection. Wolsit® T-products are added to the resin binder when the materials are being processed into the end products (glue-line treatment process).

Advantages of Wolsit® T

  • Fulfills all requirements of AS/NZS1604 for wood-based panels of group H3/H3.1
  • Also effective against termites in low doses
  • Little influence on moisture fluctuations in the drying process due to the high concentration of active ingredients
  • Can be used in the glue-line treatment process
  • Can be used under high temperatures

Areas of application for Wolsit® T

  • Indoors
  • Container floors
  • Automotive and wagon fairings
  • Construction
  • Insulation material

Properties of Wolsit® T

  • Protects against termites and insect infestation
  • Glue-line treatment process