Wolman Anti-sapstain


Preservatives in the Wolsin® range are water-soluble, free from metallic compounds and based on organic active agents.

They provide temporary protection against sapstain and other wood-staining fungi. Wolsin® products are used for protecting freshly cut wood during drying, storage or transport. The products are applied to the wood in dipping or spraying processes.

Advantages of Wolsin®

  • Water soluble
  • Colorless
  • Developed on an organic basis

Areas of application for Wolsin®

  • Sawmill industry
  • During the drying or storage phase
  • For transporting and storing freshly cut wood

Properties of Wolsin®

  • Water-soluble, metal-free concentrates on an organic basis
  • Temporary protection against blue stain and other wood-discolouring fungi
  • Especially for freshly cut wood, during drying, storage or transport