Wolman Treatment of constructional timber

Wolsit® EC

Wolsit® EC protects your construction timber permanently against wood-destroying fungi, beetles and termites. Flexible coloring is possible by adding color concentrates. Wolsit® EC fixes very quickly, is non-corrosive to stainless steel fasteners and provides additional protection against mould during storage and transport of the wood.

Advantages of Wolsit® EC

  • High effectiveness with a low application rate
  • Additional anti-mold effect
  • Fast fixation

Areas of application for Wolsit® EC

  • Roof trusses
  • Exterior cladding
  • Windows
  • Wooden structures

Properties of Wolsit® EC

  • Water-soluble, metal-free concentrates based on organic ingredients
  • Offer protection from fungi and insects
  • Additional protection against blue stain and mold during the drying phase
  • Used to protect indoor and outdoor areas without ground contact