Wolman Anti-sapstain


Sinesto® B: celebrating 40 years of reliable anti-sapstain protection.

Sinesto® B has been setting the standard for blue stain protection for 40 years. Since the market entrance on March 15, 1984, Sinesto® B has been the leading product for short-term, preventive protection of sawn timber and wooden pallets. It works very well against blue stain and wood discoloring fungi during drying, storage, or transport.
Sinesto® B stands for proven quality, demonstrated effectiveness, and prevents quality loss on freshly sawn timber.

Now, in addition to celebrating the 40-year success story of Sinesto® B, Wolman is also celebrating the product authorization received for Germany under the BPR (European Biocidal Products Regulation; Regulation (EU) 528/2012).
This confirms the high product performance, safe use and a high level of protection for the health of the workers in production and the sawmills. This also applies to the safe use of the final products for consumers, their children, animals and the environment.

Advantages of Sinesto®

  • Highly effective against blue stain and mold
  • Safe for users, processors and consumers

Areas of application for Sinesto®

  • Sawmill industry
  • During the drying or storage phase
  • For transporting and storing freshly cut wood

Properties of Sinesto®

  • Liquid, water-dilutable concentrates
  • Temporary protection against blue stain and other wood-discoloring fungi
  • Especially for freshly cut wood, during drying, storage or transport