Wolman Anti-sapstain


Sinesto®-products are concentrated water-soluble preservatives in liquid form.

They provide temporary preventive protection against sapstain and other wood-staining fungi. Sinesto® products are especially useful for freshly cut wood, during drying, storage or transport. They are applied to the wood in dipping or spraying processes.

Advantages of Sinesto®

  • Highly effective against blue stain and mold
  • Safe for users, processors and consumers

Areas of application for Sinesto®

  • Sawmill industry
  • During the drying or storage phase
  • For transporting and storing freshly cut wood

Properties of Sinesto®

  • Liquid, water-dilutable concentrates
  • Temporary protection against blue stain and other wood-discoloring fungi
  • Especially for freshly cut wood, during drying, storage or transport