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Durable decking boards in nature reserve Perivale Wood

Long lasting decking with a high-quality non-slip surface

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Wolmanit® CX extends the service life of fences and noise barriers for the London Gateway site

Wolmanit® CX guarantees an extended service life of the fences and noise barriers for the entire London Gateway site

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Wolmanit® System ProColor Silvergrey

Natural silver-grey patina with long service-life

Newly installed timber in the uniform shade of naturally aged, grey timber surfaces!

The innovative Wolmanit® ProColor Silvergrey picks up on design trends in architecture as well as in gardening and landscaping and closes the color gap between new and aged wooden surfaces.


Source: Philipon, FR

Wolman protects "Wodan" Timburcoaster of Europa-Park

Wolman protects "Wodan" Timburcoaster of Europa-Park

In the Europa-Park in Rust (close to our Sinzheim location in Germany), Wolman protects the “Wodan” Timburcoaster and thus contributes to the safety of visitors.

The "Mammut" roller coaster at Tripsdrill Adventure Park is maintained by Wolman products

Wolman ensures long-lasting protection of heavily used wooden structures

Wolman is also helping to preserve the wood for the “Mammut” roller coaster in the Tripsdrill adventure park near Cleebronn, Germany.

Exterior facade with Wolmanit® ProColor Douglas fir brown

Optical enhancement of the external facade with Wolmanit® ProColor Douglas brown

The combination of Wolsit® KD with the color concentrate Wolmanit® ProColor Douglas brown ensures even coloring of the sapwood and heartwood giving the entire surface of the treated wood the reddish-brown color of the heartwood. A uniform color scheme that stands for sustainability and aesthetics is guaranteed.


Source: S.Chalmeau, © France Douglas