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Deutscher Holzschutzverband e.V.
The German Wood Preservation Society (registered association)
The DHV is the association of manufacturers of wooden products for outdoor use, which promotes the use of local wood types in gardens and landscaping through the application of appropriate protective measures.

Gütegemeinschaft Imprägnierte Holzbauelemente e.V.
Association for the quality of treated timber constructional elements
RAL - quality assured, treated timber products guarantee extreme reliability and safety for long-term outdoor use. The stamp of quality guarantees the durability of these timbers in garden and landscaping applications – a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and our natural resources.

Gütegemeinschaft Holzschutzmittel e.V.
Association for the quality of wood preservatives
This is a voluntary manufacturers’ association whose members have joined together to supply products corresponding to tested standards of efficacy, health and safety and environmental compatibility for the field wood preservatives which are not subject to official approval.


Svenska Träskyddsföreningen – Swedish Wood Preservation Society

Sveriges Bygg- och Järnhandlarförbund – Swedish Building and Hardware Retailers

Skogsindustrien – Swedish Forest Industries Federation