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Nature Reserve

Long lasting decking with a high-quality non-slip surface

Perivale Wood is a 27acre nature reserve with a variety of habitats in west London and is the second oldest nature reserve in the world, founded in 1902.

A new education centre has been built using sustainable building methods with the help of Wolman products. The new Bluebell Education Centre will provide enjoyment for children to visit and learn all about the plants and animals on the site including 115 species of bird, 600 species of fungi, 544 species of Moths, 24 species of trees and 17 species of mammals.

Recycling and Sustainability

Wherever possible, recycled materials were used; there is no cement in the building and everything is made from sustainable materials.

Treated Timber: Anti-slip Decking

Treated timber decking was used to surround the Bluebell centre and allow disabled access, so a high-quality, non-slip surface was important in this building. The builders chose an anti-slip decking made of timber that was treated with Wolmanit® CX-8F, a high-quality wood preservative which results in long lasting durable timber.

Wolman offer a range of high quality wood preservatives for industrial wood impregnation. The treated wood can then be used in a wide variety of installations with the knowledge and confidence in durability thanks to the wood preservative, “Wolmanit CX”.