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Mold Prevention: Keeping your timber dry and clean is the best form of prevention!

Mold spores are almost universally present in the environment. They are released from the fruiting bodies of the parent fungi. In case of molds these fruiting bodies are often visible as colored felts, which are present on the surface of the materials they have infected.

If mold is evident on timber, it is a sure sign of excessive moisture content.

To avoid mold growth on freshly impregnated timber follow these rules:


  • Do not use pre-infested timber before vacuum pressure treatment.
  • Do not use pre-infested stacker or stickers after treatment.
  • The timber needs to be stored in a clean area without dust and sawdust.
  • When the treated timber is dried outdoors, it should be stored under a roof and a good air circulation has to be assured.
  • Keep timber stored off the ground.
  • Post treatment, the key is to dry the wood as soon as possible after treatment and keep it dry in storage.
  • Do not wrap wet treated timber in plastic.

Contact your local Wolman sales representative for our user guide “Mold Prevention” and further advice.

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.