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Meet Wolman’s Experts: Interview with Dr.Kevin Waibel, Laboratory Manager at Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH

Interview with our new Laboratory Manager, Dr. Kevin Waibel:

How long have you been working for Wolman and in which position(s)?

"I started with Wolman in January 2022 as Laboratory Manager in R&D. This is my first employment outside academia. I finished my PhD in Chemistry in 2021."


What attracted you to Wolman as your new employer?

" I am convinced that wood will be the dominant future building material. Wood preservatives set free the full sustainability potential of the material by increasing the durability of the timber. Within the job interviews I already could get an insight into Wolman’s expertise in wood protection – so I was glad to get the chance to contribute to Wolman’s profound knowledge."


What was your biggest achievement as well as your biggest challenge in your professional life so far?

"I started my PhD in organic chemistry and decided to focus on sustainability. Some of my findings even got accepted for publication in Green Chemistry the most renowned journal for sustainability (Waibel et al., Green Chem. 2020, 22, 933-941). Also in my private life I am committed to sustainable options.

The biggest challenge probably was to cope with the pandemic in the university. The pandemic had an enormous impact on university life. The campus was deserted, the effort for supervising students sky-rocketed and the essence of university – the social life – basically vanished overnight."


Tell us something about your private life. What are you enjoying in your free time?

"I am a sporty and creative person. I like hiking, bouldering, cycling as well as general work-out in the gym. Also, I like to draw and write fictional stories. It’s basically a good balance between physical and mental work-out."


What is your favourite holiday location and why?

"There’s not only one answer to this question. I like warm and shallow oceans as much as jagged mountain ranges. I love travelling around during my holidays - exploring the country instead of staying at the same place for several days or weeks."


We thank Kevin for the insight in his professional and personal life.

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