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Meet Wolman's Experts: Dennis Aregarn, Head of Wood Protection Sales

Interview with Dennis Aregarn, our new Head of Wood Protection Sales

Dennis, how long have you been working for Wolman and in which positions?
„I first joined the Wolman Nordic team in 2011. In 2019 I took over the responsibility for the Nordic and UK markets as Regional Sales Manager Wood Protection. And now since Jan 2022, I am leading the European Wood Protection Sales team.”

What are you enthusiastic about at Wolman?
„I really like and support the idea of the “Wolman package”, in short meaning that we always aim to provide a solution rather than just a product. 
We always try our best to assist our customers in the market with knowledge, support and market leading products.“

What has been your biggest challenge at Wolman? 
„The last couple of years have been challenging for sure, with big disruptions in logistics and raw material chains and the demand from the market at high levels. We have successfully adapted to a new environment and are currently seeing a new dynamic in the market. A close collaboration with our customers has been very important in these challenging times and I am really proud of and thankful to the entire Wolman team."

Tell us something about your private life. What are you enjoying in your free time?
„I like spending time with my wife and children, 3 & 5 years old, and preferably being outside in the Swedish forest and countryside. For recreation and recharging, I really enjoy fly fishing for trout and Salmon in Nordic rivers.“ 

What is your favorite holiday location and why?
„A personal favourite is the Stjoerdal river in Norway for Salmon fishing. With the whole family we like the west coast of Sweden. It´s easy to get there, you have the sea, different activities and it´s very relaxing in all aspects.“

We thank Dennis for the insight in his professional and personal life. 

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