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Meet Wolman's Experts: David Wixe, Technical Sales Representative Sweden

Interview with David Wixe, Technical Sales Representative Sweden

When did you join Wolman?
"I joined the company in February this year as technical sales representative for Sweden."

What attracted you to Wolman as your new employer? 
“For some time now, I have been interested in working closer to customers within the wood industry. 
In my former job as process manager, I have been working with Wolmanit CX as well as competitive products. 
When I found out that there was a suitable position at Wolman, I immediately applied.
And now, I am working close to customers, in an industry and with technologies I am familiar with, representing the leading supplier with the best performing product."

What was your most impressive experience?
“Moving from Sweden to Norway and working there for five years was quite impressive for me. 
To be involved in everything from maintenance to sales was an experience, achievement and challenge as well. 
It really gave me a strong foundation for my professional development."

Tell us something about your private life. What are you enjoying in your free time?
" I really enjoy building or repairing things. It ranges from furniture and small machinery to cars and trucks." 

What is your favorite holiday location and why?
" At home actually. It is where I have the possibility to be creative and spend late nights in my workshop."

We thank David for the insight in his professional and personal life. 

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