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Environmental Product Declaration for our Wolmanit® CX products

We proudly announce that we have received a third-party Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our Wolmanit® CX-8WB and Wolmanit® CX-8F.

With this step we embrace transparency and provide reliable information for customers and stakeholders alike striving for sustainable construction and green building certifications.

The EPDs help them determine the footprint of their product or structure and thus officially prove their contribution to sustainability when using our material. 

With the quality impregnation by Wolmanit® CX, wood is well protected, and a durable, sustainable timber product is obtained. This especially allows for the use of local-grown wood species. The Wolmanit® CX wood preservatives are authorized according to the HSE as well as the strict European Regulation on Biocidal Products (EU) No. 528/2012, BPR) and are carefully and extensively tested with regard to their effects on health and the environment as part of the approval process - the timber protected with these products is thus considered qualified for humans, animals and the environment.

Please click on the product name for the full EPD of Wolmanit® CX-8WB and Wolmanit® CX-8F respectively or visit our website for further information https://www.wolman.de/en/about-us.

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.