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Day of the Forest

The 21st of March is traditionally the "Day of the Forest", which the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) brought into being in the 1970s as a reaction to global deforestation.

The forest is of immense importance for people, it provides income, nutrition, leisure space and  helps to combat climate change by binding carbon which then becomes a fossil raw material. For all these reasons, the forest is particularly worthy of protection.

Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH would therefore also like to draw attention to the importance of our forests and the responsible use of wood as a raw material.

Wolman invented modern wood protection and has been leading the Wood Protection industry for more than a century. Wolman Wood Preservatives extend the life cycle and thus further increase the sustainability of wood, the natural building material. Our products enable the use of timber in difficult applications such as for outdoor use and exposure to the weather by increasing the resistance towards attack by fungi, insects and termites. In this way wood preservatives are one key element to save this natural resource. 

The product portfolio of Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH includes wood protection solutions for the impregnation of outdoor wood (e.g. decking, electricity poles and heavily used wooden structures such as in wooden roller coasters and playgrounds), construction timber and the temporary protection of sawn wood against discolouring fungi (e.g. mould). 

Wolman’s headquarters are located in Sinzheim at the edge of the Black Forest. Every day we see what we are working for. That’s why we chose the picture showing the view from the Yburg overlooking the Black Forest, the Rhine plain to the French Vosges. Sinzheim is the community in the center of the photo.

In addition to the claim to offer our customers the best quality and comprehensive service, the responsible use of our planet’s finite resources is an important aspect in the development of our products.

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.