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Arbor Day on April 25, 2022

Forests are of immense importance for mankind – they enable life of each human being by producing oxygen and combatting climate change by binding carbon. They are a renewable energy resource warming us in winter and supporting our physical and mental health with terpenes, flavors and low-dust air. Therefore, forests are the basis for life and we should all do our best to protect them!

This has already been detected by Julius Sterling Morton, an American politician, who submitted the „Arbor-Day-Resolution Application” in 1872 which has been approved 20 years later by all Federal States of the USA. Since then, trees have been planted all over the world every year in April. Even the United Nations strengthened the importance and meaning of the forests by officially founding the international Arbor Day in 1951.

Wolman Wood Preservatives extend the life cycle and thus further increase the sustainability of wood, the natural building material. Our products enable the use of timber in difficult applications such as for outdoor use and exposure to the weather by increasing the resistance towards attack by fungi, insects and termites. In this way wood preservatives are one key element to save this natural resource. 

Join us and follow Julius Sterling Morton in his efforts to protect the forests by using treated and therefore long-lasting and sustainable wooden products.

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.