Royal process

Refining process for vacuum pressure treated wood.
Water-repellence and dimensional stability combined with high durability from the basic treatment stage – the key assets of Royal wood.
Only 24 hours after treatment in the Lowry process, the wood moves on to a further treatment stage, the actual Royal process, in which it is boiled in hot Royal. This is only possible using fast fixating preservatives like Wolmanit CX.
By impregnating the wood with an environmentally friendly type of linseed-based oil, specially developed for this process, it is provided with a very long lasting water-repellent quality. At the same time, the wood is dried artificially in the process. The direct addition of pigment to the Royal oil enables the wood to be dyed in various colour tones.
The outstanding features of Royal-impregnated wood (Wolmanit CX + Royal oil) are its effective protection, lasting water-repellent finish and colouring, combined with a high level of dimensional stability. All this makes it an especially high-quality, long-lasting product.