Products for non-pressure processes

For brushing, spraying or dipping, fixating or non-fixating, colourless or pigmented – Wolman products leave nothing to be desired.

Wolsit® EC

Wolsit EC preservatives are water-soluble concentrates, based on organic preserving agents, and contain no metallic compounds. They are used preventively against wood-destroying fungi and insects.
Wolsit EC also provides temporary protection against sapstain and mould for treated wood during the drying phase.
After fixation in the wood, the preservatives do not leach easily and are therefore resistant to the elements.

Application fields

For the protection of structural timbers for interior and exterior use without ground contact, such as roof trusses, wooden structures, exterior cladding, windows and much more.

Application methods

Wolsit EC products are applied to the wood using dipping or immersion processes. Some products in the Wolsit EC range can also be used in vacuum pressure processes.


Wolsit EC is available as a colourless product or in a range of different colour tones (brown, green, yellow).


Liquid, water-dilutable or ready-to-use wood preservative based on boron compounds that works preventively against wood-destroying fungi and insects.

Application fields

For the preventive treatment of wood used in sheltered applications with no exposure to precipitation, for which there is no risk of leaching caused by water.

Application methods

Diffusit is suitable for brushing, spraying in spray tunnels, dipping in stationary plants, immersion and the vacuum pressure process.


Marker dyes colour the wood orange, brown or yellow. Without additional colouring, treatment with Diffusit will give the wood a yellowish tone.

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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