Treatment of constructional timber

In many buildings, wooden structures carry out supporting functions. Long-lasting protection is therefore decisive. A combination of building and constructional measures and the use of appropriate wood preservatives is the guarantee for this. Wood destroying fungi and insects don’t stand a chance!


Diffusit® or Wolsit® EC products – a comprehensive range of products that meet all demands placed on modern wood preservation in building.
You can find an overview of this range here. We will be glad to offer you any advice and assistance in choosing the best product for your requirements and application processes.



Constructional, lathing and shuttering timbers for use in sheltered applications are usually treated preventively in non-pressure processes.
The preservatives penetrate the wood through capillary forces and diffusion in the cell tissue, hydrostatic pressure of the liquid preservative on the timber in the impregnation vessel and the differences in temperature of the impregnating solutions used.


A dipping plant – proven and economical technology