2016 Wolman Timber Treatment Conference held in Sweden

35 major players in the UK fencing and timber industry followed Wolman's invitation to a two day timber treatment conference in Sweden on September 14t and 15th, 2016

The first day of the conference was held at Linneaus University in Växjö with various presentations of guest speakers on current topics in wood preservation.

Willie Clason, a consultant with European treated wood industry trade body WEI talked about the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and the impacts in different parts of the UK.

Professor Stergios Adamopoulis from Linnaeus University presented “A laser drilling technique to improve impregnability of spruce and fir” which could have considerable effects on penetration in future.

The last presentation was given by Dr Ed Suttie of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) on “Incising trials with different commercial incising machinery”. He discussed various types of incising machines and the results of the incising study. BRE found that all tested incising machines generally improved the uptake of wood preservatives into spruce however for Douglas fir, the results were mixed. It became clear that on the topic of incising there is still a lot of room for additional research and studies which could help to further improve trust in the desired service life of quality treated timber for in ground contact.

In addition to the presentations, the participants had plenty of time for discussion of the complex technical matters covered in the seminar.

On the second day the delegates had the opportunity to visit Bergstimber Bitus in Nybro, one of the largest wood treatment plants in Europe with innovative treatments such as the “Royal” process (linseed oil after-treatment) and Wolman® System Silvergrey.

The participants’ feedback to the conference was very positive. It was widely appreciated that the Wolman team is supporting their customers by offering platforms such as this timber treatment conference to network and discuss current chances and challenges in the timber treatment industry.

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