Mode of action and application

Wolmanit® Firestop

Under the influence of fire or radiant heat Wolmanit® Firestop which has been impregnated into the wood retards ignition, impedes the flame spread across the wood surface and lowers the rate of heat release from the wooden substrate. Compared to untreated wood the course of fire will significantly be slowed down.

Typical applications for Wolmanit® Firestop treated wood and wood-based materials are:

• Facades/ Cladding
• Ceilings/ Acoustic ceilings
• Engineered timber (KVH, Glulam, CLT, nailed trusses)
• Solid wood, 3-layer, plywood panels
• Trade fair, theatre, stage construction
• Scaffolding
• Pallets
• and many more

Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Under the influence of fire and radiant heat Wolmanit® Antiflamm expands to a multiple of its original volume forming a heat-insulating foam layer with excellent insulating properties. Areas lying underneath this foam layer will effectively be protected from the impact of fire and heat. The charring rate of the wooden substrate will significantly be reduced.

Wolmanit® Antiflamm can be used in interior applications resp. in areas which are not subject to moisture. It’s preferably used in applications in which a superficial protection against fire and radiant heat is advantageous versus a vacuum pressure treatment (e.g. protection in existing buildings resp. on site, protection of wooden substrates which are not suitable for vacuum pressure treatment etc.).

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