Wolman service

In our company, customer service has a tradition as long as that of research and development.
Our objective is customer satisfaction and we aim to achieve this by providing our customers with excellent products.

In addition, our highly qualified technical service staff are on hand day and night to offer support and assistance in solving whatever problems may arise regarding product application, process optimisation, work safety and much more.

In the website’s login area, Wolman customers can access important information on the products they use, all analysis results for their preservative solutions at a glance, other documents for individual customers and a lot of other information on their individual customer pages.
That’s a service you wouldn’t want to be without.

Technical service

In wood preservation, we can advise you, for instance, on process optimisation, guaranteeing treatment quality for your wood product or product changes in an existing facility.

Treatment quality begins with the correct preservative dosage – with Wolman dosing systems. We can offer every customer the appropriate solution.

Fire protection requires individual solutions. So, just call us and we’ll be glad to advise you.

Service laboratory

For quality assurance purposes, our customers’ application solutions are checked at regular intervals. State-of-the art analysis technology and our highly qualified lab team guarantee our customers receive fast and reliable results. The processing o four customers sample solutions is optimised by an internal Wolman-IT-Workflow, which directly links all workplaces. A daily updated overview of all their results can be found in the customer area on this website.
Monitoring the impregnation quality in wood requires sophisticated methods. Our analysis laboratory is ready and able to provide this service.

Our biology laboratory enables damage patterns by wood-destroying or staining organisms to be determined reliably. Together with the quality control of treated timbers in the Wolman analysis lab and background information on location of the wood, how and in what structure it was used, etc., the cause of the damage can be determined by our experts.

Tank Monitoring System

Someone has forgotten to order more preservative concentrate on time and you can’t carry on working? With the Wolman Tank Monitoring System, this would not have happened.

Our Tank Monitoring System keeps you informed of current levels in your storage tanks at any time wherever you happen to be. Simply log in to the Wolman customer area and click on Tank Monitoring System. The system informs you in time, via your mobile phone, for example, when the next order needs to be placed. A service provided by BASF Wolman GmbH.


We will be happy to inform you and your employees all about any new developments in wood preservation. In basics seminars, on vacuum pressure treatment, for example, we deal with the fundamental principles of modern wood preservation for new customers as well as to refresh existing knowledge on these matters.
Practical demonstration of these principles can then be organised at the Wolman technical centre or on the customer’s premises.



Wolman service laboratory

Tank Monitoring

Wolman training seminars