Founded in 1911 by the wood preservation pioneer Dr. Karl Heinrich Wolman, we can look back on over a century of experience in the preservation of wood. The name of Wolman is inextricably linked with the history of wood preservation and the term “wolmanized timber” became a synonymous with wood that had undergone vacuum pressure treatment.

We have repeatedly succeeded in developing products and systems that have broken new ground in wood preservation, like the introduction of the first chromium and arsenic-free preservative based on copper HDO in 1989. This signalled further significant progress in the wood preservation business, because today, almost 25 years after our pioneering break-through, preservative containing chromium and arsenic are under restricted use in most countries in the world.

However, it isn't only in the field of wood preservation that the name of Wolman stands for the synthesis of innovation and tradition. For decades, we have also been a successful manufacturer of fire prevention products.

Since 1980 the company is part of the BASF, which has led to extremely positive synergistic effects!