Company profile

Wolman is a leading supplier of wood preservatives, as well as selected products for fire protection.

As a medium-sized enterprise, we  help our customers become even more successful. With our range of future oriented products fully in line with market requirements, we are one of the world’s leading companies in this sector.

We develop, produce and distribute wood preservatives that can meet the highest demands of quality. Our considerable investment in research and development benefits our customers and improves the competitiveness of our own products.

Since 1980, Wolman belongs to BASF – The Chemical Company, the world market leader. This has given us access to both leading-edge technology and high-grade raw materials and intermediate products.

With regard to marketing, we can now take advantage of the BASF´s global presence to serve our customers professionally.

Tradition, the spirit of innovation and wood preservation research at the highest international level determine the development of our products. We are focussed on providing a wood preservative that combines effectiveness and easy application with environmental compatibility and the absence of health risks.

Recognising the signs of the times early and then taking decisive action. This philosophy has determined our operations for decades. That’s why, as early as the late 1980s, we were the first company in the industry to successfully introduce the first chromium and arsenic free wood preservatives, based on Copper HDO, which launched the Wolmanit CX range. This was not only a significant advance, but a completely new trend in wood preservation! For today, all major wood preservative manufacturers have chromium and arsenic free products in their range. And what's more, preservatives containing chromium and arsenic are under restricted use in most countries of world, as there are serious concerns about their effects on health.